Do you imagine your pool water cleaner and healthier, while you reduce the use of chlorine to the minimum quantity?

Piscimusgo is the natural equivalence to the chlorine

Sphagnum moss, that lives and proliferates in the clean lakes in Canada, USA, New Zeland or Chile, are Piscimugo’s main element. These mosses, prepared by Piscimusgo, inhibit the proliferation of microbes in water due to their solid metal absorption capacity, iron included. Without iron in water, microbes can not proliferate.

The Sphagnum moss, present in Piscimusgo avoids biofilm development, the bacteria layer that appears in the surfaces of the pool and in the interior of the tubes, that causes corrosion problems. This biofilm also absorbs the used chlorine, which makes necessary the use of more quantity of this chemical product to keep healthiness of water. By using Piscimusgo, biofilm does not appear, that’s why chlorine needed quantity gets reduced and also its costs, and pool water keeps free of bacteria being more much healthy.

More natural water

It is a natural complement that reduces the use of chemical products such as chlorine…

It helps to stabilize water PH.

Without additives: 100% NATURAL

It complements with chlorine in the extinction of bacteria, algae, fungi and mold.

Recommended for children with atopic skin.

It reduces itching and redness in the eyes.

It reduces skin and hair dryness.

Absorption of strong metals such as iron and others, like calcareous.

It is recommended for asthmatic people.

Valid for pools with saline chlorination systems.

Get a cleaner, healthier and clearer pool in a natural way

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