How long does it last?2018-05-11T09:31:58+01:00

Our trials and realized studies, show us that the optimal durability of the product is 40- 60 days. From those days on, product loses efficiency.

Where is it installed?2018-05-11T09:30:34+01:00

PISCIMUSGO is designed to fit within the skimmer basket. It is so easy as putting the “bag” into the skimmer basket and pass the hook by a hole of the basket for its correct installation. This option is suitable only for private and pools with skimmers.
For public or overflowing pools, a dispenser, which will be used to put he required amount of “bags,” should be installed.

What does it reduce?2018-05-11T09:29:02+01:00

PISCIMUSGO helps in the eradication of cyanuric acid, chloramines, lime, metals…
The so typical “Chlorine smell” in sport installations, and its consequent health problems, such as sickness, headache, lung pressure, asthma…, are also reduced.

Does water temperature affects it?2018-05-11T09:27:13+01:00

Our trials and realized studies, show us that it is equally valid in indoor/ heated pools (28-32 degrees), such as in outdoor pools and water in ambient temperature.

Which are its benefits?2018-05-11T09:26:55+01:00

It reduces itching and redness of eyes, dryness of skin and hair, asthma, headache and problems related to inhalation of the air in sport installations produced by chloramines, such as lung pressure, allergies, sickness, fatigue…

Is it a chemical product?2018-05-11T09:26:46+01:00

NO, IT ISN’T! It is 100% NATURAL, our formula is a combination and elaboration of 100% natural products.

Can it be used in winter?2018-05-11T09:26:39+01:00

In outdoor pools, the use of PISCIMUSGO, is more than suitable and recommended. It helps you to conserve water, even with less quantity of product, and also to recover the water so punished during bath seasons.

Is it suitable for salty water pools?2018-05-11T09:26:09+01:00

Yes, it is, and not only for the already mentioned benefits, but, in turn, as the needed chlorine quantity is reduced, we are extending the useful life of the saline electro-coiler.

Cloramines are eliminated (chlorine smell)?2018-05-11T09:26:02+01:00

PISCIMUSGO helps in its reduction, but does not eradicates it. Chloramines are a resultant product of the chemical reaction of chlorine and water. As chlorine quantity to keep clean pool water is reduced, the chloramine production is also reduced.

Cyanuric acid is eliminated (isocyanuric)?2018-05-11T09:25:56+01:00

PISCIMUSGO helps in its reduction, but does not eradicates it. Cyanuric acid is used in outdoor pools to stabilize chlorine against UV rays. As chlorine volume is reduced in the pool, the needed quantity of cyanuric acid gets also reduced.