Piscimusgo, the ecologic ally for the maintenance of your pool water.

Thanks to its 100% natural and ecologic components, Piscimusgo provides a healthier and cleaner water, being able to reduce the use of chlorine.
Chlorine is used in pools to eliminate bacteria and fungi, however, the prolonged exposure, or a wrong use of the needed quantities can cause health problems. Piscimusgo reduces itching, red eyes, dryness of the skin and hair, and the affections associated to the presence of chlorine in water such as lung pressure, allergies, sickness, fatigue… The use of Piscimusgo is good for/ benefits people with atopic skin, asthmatic processes, headaches/ migraines, whom chlorine use can affect.
Apart from contributing to the wellbeing of the pools users, Piscimusgo helps to save time and money in the total annual costs of the maintenance of the pool in order to keep it clean.


Piscimusgo also prevents biofilm growth

And what is biofilm? It is the bacteria layer that appears in the surfaces of the pool and in the inside part of the tubes, causing corrosion. This biofilm absorbs the chlorine of the pool, which constantly requires more quantity of chlorine to keep the necessary healthy levels.

As biofilm disappears of the pool with the use of PISCIMUSGO, less chlorine is needed to achieve effectiveness. Piscimusgo is so efficient that the needed amount of chlorine gets reduced n a 50%, with the consequent money saving and improvement of health. In the case of the St. Paul’s asthmatic swimmers, their dependence of the inhalers has been reduced, thanks to the reduction of the used ch