The h20 gym in canet the mar has some instalations, which among others, has two heated indoor pools. it is one of the instalations where our product piscimusgo effectiveness has been tested.

After applying our product, the use of liquid chlorine has been reduced to 0,77 PPM, getting really successful results. Water has also been totally clean and transparent.

Therefore, with PISCIMUSGO it has been possible to save in a 40€ the use of liquid chlorine, and a reduction of 50% of the chloramines. At the same time, users during baht, do not appreciate any taste of chlorine, enjoying a healthier environment.

The process of chlorine reduction began after 15 days of the use of Piscimusgo, and gradually, week after week, up to the total reduction of the 40%, that took place in two months. The moss effects start to be appreciated at the end of two weeks using Piscimusgo.

The H2O Gym in Canet de Mar gives swimming courses for babies, children, adults, old people and pregnant women. Through the day multiple aquatic activities are carried out. They open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 22:00 p.m. Installations are used by more or less 2000 people daily.

H2O Canet de Mar